Monday, June 25, 2012

James Zogby Sticks It to the Jews

Long time Huffington Post blogger James Zogby has now gone three for three in articles on the Huffington Post based mostly around sticking to Jewish people. After trying to make a mountain out of a molehill on the Israeli airport email check story, he now declares that "anti-Semitism" should apply to Arabs as well. You know, that old chestnut. 

His article has many interesting points of view contained in it, all spun to make Arabs look good and Jews look not as good, as you can imagine. But I guess let's start with Dr. Zogby's rewrite of history regarding the rise of anti-Semitism:
"In reality, however, Nader has a point since historically the animus that has inspired bigotry directed against Arabs and Muslims, on the one side, and Jews, on the other, has been cut out of the same cloth. It was a largely Western phenomenon that emerged in full force with the emergence of the modern state system in Europe and was directed against two Semitic peoples -- one which the West found living within its midst and which it identified as an internal threat; and the other which the West confronted as an external challenge, but which it similarly defined as a threat."
In other words, Arabs have suffered equally from European anti-Semitism, and of course have never held any prejudices toward Jews themselves. Perish the thought. You might also notice that Dr. Zogby's source for this claim comes from his own Arab-American Institute. Therefore they now deserve, in Dr. Zogby's mind, to be able to claim that any prejudice against them is also "anti-Semitism." This is a very common attitude among Israel haters who want to deny that anti-Semitism, by which we mean anti-Jewish prejudice, exists. We documented it years ago.

Of course in real history the guy who coined the term "anti-Semitism" was not referring to Arabs, and it has never referred to Arabs in the history of the term. This is also quite ironic because anti-Zionists on the Huffington Post and elsewhere complain that "why should Jews be so special as to have a particular word to describe hatred of them?" Apparently this does not apply to the Arabs who want to co-opt it for their own use.

At this point Dr. Zogby tries to prove that what he calls "anti-Semitism against Arabs" not only exists but is worse than real anti-Semitism. After citing his own study about political cartoons (you tell me how convincing this is) he says something really hypocritical:
"To Nader's point -- it is a sad but true fact that while it has become unacceptable to publicly express or manifest bigotry against Jews, anti-Semitism against Arabs -- and increasingly, by extension, against Muslims -- remains a part of our popular culture and our political discourse."
I'm sorry, but what does Dr. Zogby mean by "our" popular culture and "our" political discourse? Does he mean America? Or does he mean the Arab world from which his constituency came?  Because the #1 source of anti-Semitism in the world right now comes from the Arab nations, even "moderate" ones like Egypt. And please don't tell me that Dr. Zogby only cares about American Arabs because he has never refrained from weighing in on criticizing Israel or commenting on the elections in Egypt.

Either way, writing an article about anti-Semitism while pointing the finger solely at white people is hypocritical, though hardly unusual.

Before we move on, check this out:
"Finally, there is the reality that Jewish community organizations with many allies across the ethnic, religious and political spectrum have made it clear that there is a price to pay for public manifestations of bigotry."
Sound like a threat to anyone else? Don't mess with the Jews or they will put you out to pasture? It's open to interpretation. Click below to continue because the good stuff is yet to come.

So having dismissed bigotry against Jews here in America, Dr. Zogby tries to prove that America is seething with hatred of Arabs. In doing so, he conflates "Arabs" and "Muslims" on an epic scale. Here are some examples (emphasis mine):
"Hollywood, in particular, has an Arab and Muslim problem with negative stereotypes abounding. But our political culture is no better. For more than a decade now, some political leaders have been engaged in poisonous discourse targeting Arabs and Muslims...And it has been revealed that many in our military and law enforcement agencies have received deeply flawed and biased training about Arabs and Muslims. And while this hate has had devastating consequences for Arabs and Muslims..."
See? Arabs and Muslims and Muslims and Arabs. It's almost as if Dr. Zogby isn't aware that the majority of Muslims are not Arabs, and the majority of Arabs (in America) are not Muslims but Christians. In fact that's a very common complaint leveled at the American-Arab Discrimination Committee, that too often it focuses on making political statements (usually against Israel) and not representing the interests of the actual Arabs in America, most of whom don't care about the "Palestinian cause." By the way, his link is about Muslims with a slight shot on Arabs, but again it comes from the Arab-American Institute so there you go.

Anyway the conflation continues. Watch this:
"And it is clear that there is a double standard at work in all of this. Ask yourself what the reaction would be if Arab Americans wrote books about Jews like those written by David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, and Robert Spenser -- what would we call them? What would the reaction be if Herman Cain had suggested that American Jews or Mormons or any other religious group be required to take a loyalty oath before serving in government? And what if an Arab billionaire made and distributed millions of copies of movies charging that there was a massive and violent Jewish conspiracy to take over the West, would presidential candidates be lining their campaign coffers with his millions as they are with Sheldon Adelson?"
Now remember, this article is about Arabs. Not Muslims specifically. Yet that is exactly what Dr. Zogby is trying to do here. Arabs are not a religious group, so that Herman Cain comparison is out. We'll take Robert Spencer (that's with a "c") as an example: he pretty clearly hates Muslims. But not Arabs. There is nothing in his Wiki article that indicates he has anything against Arabs, the only time they are mentioned is a quote by Abraham Foxman denouncing Spencer.

Ditto with this movie: it's called "The Third Jihad" and for the last time it's about Muslims and Islam. It is not about Arabs. Does that make it acceptable? I don't know, I haven't seen it nor do I have any intention of doing so. But Dr. Zogby knows (being a Christian himself) that not all Muslims are Arabs and not all Arabs and Muslims. So conflating them like this actually undermines his own point.

If he would like to make the case that "anti-Semitism" should apply to Arabs, then he should show us that anti-Arab bigotry actually exists on a significant level. He take a stab at it in this article but most of his "evidence" is actually bigotry against Muslims. And Muslims already have a word for hatred against them: Islamophobia. Apparently, though, that isn't enough.


  1. So now it's "hate" to stand for the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for all people, eh?

    Got it.

    Robert Spencer

  2. According to HP, mass murder of Jews is 'free speech'.

  3. First of all, there is, in fact, extremely little "anti-moslem" hatred or bigotry in the United States, quite the reverse, the political class and the rest of us bend over backwards to coddle Moslems, giving them special privileges, and extra careful treatment.

    Secondly, the FBI figures show clearly that anti-Semitic hate crimes, including physical attacks, property damage, death threats and the like far outweigh any putative hate crimes against either Arabs or Moslems by a proportion of about 8-1, although this is likely skewed by the fact that a lot of hate crimes against Jews are either not taken seriously or swept under the rug, while a lot of "anti-Moslem hate crimes" were in fact either committed by Moslems themselves or didn't actually happen.


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