Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Jews Control America" Comments of the Day

Last week's news of 300 homes being built in the West Bank continued to produce all the manufactured outrage the Huffington Posters could muster. Since there wasn't much to the story, they inevitably had to start making things up. So here for your reading pleasure are a selection of the Huffington Posters who declared that Jews Zionists Israelis control America, with the applause of their comrades ringing in their ears:

Huffington Post approved.


  1. Why thank you. I try very hard to rule America with a fair but firm hand.

  2. The allegation that Zionist Jews control America is so ludicrous that it does reveal desperation on the part of anti-semites. If the proposition were true, why are so many Israelis and US Jews angry at Obama for not siding with Israel in attacking Iran; and for not giving it all of the sophisticated weapons Israel wants; and for supporting Arab countries that are Israel's enemies; and for not standing up in the UN in numerous anti-Israel motions. Jews comprise about 20% of the Forbes list of richest Americans. Is that control? There is a black US President. There has never been a Jewish US President. Israel is the front line against world terrorism. It does a lot of secret black ops dirty work for the US, in intelligence and targeted assasinations of terrorists. Israel gets favors in return for the riskiest, nastiest favors in return. That is an ally, a friend, not an entity which controls America. The US gets access to the newest cutting edge technology from Israel, in military, healthcare, agricultural, irrigation, biotech and other high tech. Israel is the only true democracy in the Middle East, and democracies cannot by definition control other democracies. So long as the US supports and co-operates with Israel, the US will prosper. Should the US decide its interests are better served with Muslim countries, and throw Israel under the bus, America will implode and shrivel into chaos and insignificnce.


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