Friday, June 1, 2012

Massacre in Syria, HPers Shrug

In the wake of Moriel Rothman's story about a child who may or may exist and who may or may not have been abused by Israeli prison officials, the Huffington Post also published in the news section a child's testimony about the massacre in Houla.

Now some Huffington Posters reacted the way one would hope people of conscience would react to a story about a mass slaying. Others, on the other hand reacted in much more predictable ways. Here are a couple of the top favorited comments:

Now this is interesting. Even with a video reporting on an event that we all know happened, they still dismiss it as lies and propaganda. In contrast, if anyone doubts Rothman's unverified story from a people with a history of lying, they are a terrible human being. As for me, I don't know who to believe but don't see any reason to doubt the Syrian story and every reason to doubt the Palestinian one. The Syrians don't need to make anything up. What's happening over there is scary enough.

Oh, and there were plenty of people blaming you-know-who while we are at it:

Ah...isn't leftism grand?

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