Monday, June 18, 2012

MJ Rosenberg Defends Himself

I already commented on MJ Rosenberg's latest article on the Huffington Post, and the many lies and distortions it contains. If you haven't read those responses already I suggest that you do, because the man himself entered the comment thread and proceeded to have a conversation with...nobody. As you will see, it sounds like he is talking to the "pro-Israel" commentators on the thread except that there is one little problem: he is responding to arguments that nobody has made. Don't believe me? Let's check it out. At the end of my last blog post on the subject I pointed out that Rosenberg still insists that every single Palestinian was ethnically cleansed, relying on Benny Morris (who disagrees with him) as evidence.

So here's the first example:

Okay, so who is MJR talking to in this paragraph? Did anyone say that the Palestinians pose an existential threat to Israel? Because the article is about Palestinian refugees, and the conversation more or less revolved around that problem. I'm not sure why I would expect an obviously partisan Huffington Post blogger to rely on such a transparent strawman argument but when Mr. Rosenberg was so obviously exposed as a fraud in this article, I guess he doesn't have much of a choice.

And for the record: the Palestinians do pose a threat to Israelis, not Israel as a whole. Just ask Daniel Viflic. And the Fogel family. And Juliano Mer-Khamis. Not that MJ Rosenberg will ever write about any of those people.

Anyway this comment spawned a torrent of responses, which Rosenberg followed up with another "post to the ether" so to speak, this time on the subject of why Israel is always singled out in his articles:

If it's too long to read he's basically saying that some journalists have his specialty and his specialty is Israel, he'll praise it when it does what he wants it to do (something I don't believe for a second), the media doesn't criticize Israel, and that people shouldn't whine about his "criticism" of Israel's "policies."

As one of the HuffPosters pointed out, to talk about a game of the Yankees vs the Red Sox while pretending the Red Sox didn't do anything is not honest or effective reporting. But that's basically what Mr. Rosenberg does with every single article.

But there's a glaring little problem: this article wasn't about Israel's policies. It was about the Palestinian refugees (but not about how the Arab countries treat them). The only section that was about Israel's policies was a complete and utter lie. Mr. Rosenberg is entitled to his own opinions but not his own facts. And declaring all the Palestinians were expelled, in order to "prove" a "stain on Israel's birth certificate" cannot by any measure be considered criticism of Israel's policies.

Mr. Rosenberg surely knows this, but he is too prideful to admit that he has been caught in a lie for the hundredth time, so instead he sets up yet another strawman argument to make himself the victim of radical Zionists who can't abide any criticism of Israel. Until the next Big Lie.

Unbelievably enough, the strawmanning continues in his next and final remark on the thread:

I don't know whether MJR is just trying to fool himself, because he isn't fooling us. Everyone knows that the Palestinians have weapons and power, and every Zionist there knows that the Palestinians receive millions of dollars from America through UNRWA. They also have a lobby, just ask James Zogby. So either Rosenberg doesn't know that, or pretends not to know in order to justify keeping his blinders on.

Nor do I understand the remark about "I have legitimate standing to criticize Israel." Is there anyone, on the Huffington Post thread or anywhere else, that says he doesn't? I mean, at this point he has lied so many times one could make the case that he is not longer a legitimate critic of Israel and instead an Israel hater, but that's the closest you're going to get.

Regardless, it's informative how Mr. Rosenberg wrote an article on the Palestinian refugees clearly intending for it to be a hit piece on Israel and the AIPAC, only for it to turn against him. And the only way he can salvage it is by, again, attacking Israel. But hey, as long as he keeps up the pattern, I'm sure the Huffington Post will be glad to keep him around. Even if no one else will.


  1. I've always wondered about so called 'journalists' who do that. They write a column and instead of letting their own arguments defend themselves, they wander into the comments section to attack their own readers. Greenwald does a huge amount of that as well. It's a page ripped straight from the Nazi press by the way.

  2. Is MJ back with Media Matters? It say's on his bio; senior fellow media matters action.

    1. In his bio for this most recent article, it says "Political commentator".

  3. Just whom does this guy think he is kidding? He refers to others as having a "ghetto mentality," when he is a perfect exemplar of it. He "specializes in Israel" because he is so terrified that those "uppity" Jews in Israel who insist on defending their families and themselves will cause his so-called friends to think badly of him, because like it or not, they know he is Jewish.

    So, he rails and complains at Israel and Israeli Jews to try to prove to his anti-Semitic friends that he is a good little Jew, not one of the bad uppity and independent Jews. He is a coward and a weakling, and every time he opens his mouth he condemns himself all over again.


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