Friday, June 1, 2012

Moriel Rothman Tells a Sob Story

Moriel Rothman is your standard-issue Huffington Post blogger. He claims to be Jewish and Zionist but rarely has anything positive to say about Israel, is devoted to human rights but only for people who want to kill him, and holds both American and Israeli citizenship but is never accused of dual loyalty. In case you had any doubts about his politics he is also a member of Rabbis for Human Rights and the Solidarity Movement. Incidentally I don't know what the Solidarity Movement is. I think he might mean the International Solidarity Movement (aka friends of terrorists) or perhaps the Sheik Jarrah Solidarity Movement, but that's a discussion for another time I think.

So anyway this time around Mr. Rothman tells the story of Suhaib Alawar, a 14 year old victim of the eeeeevil Israelis who has never existed on the Internet up until this point. The key word being 'story,' because there is not one scrap of evidence in the entire article unless you count the word of a child as true. No report from any human rights organizations, not even Palestinian ones.

Most egregious is that Mr. Rothman declares that Suhaib was "beaten" and "hit" at least four times over the course of the article. He also says that Suhaib has lost twenty pounds. Now it would be child's play for Mr. Rothman to take a picture of these injuries and damage to Suhaib's body, but he doesn't. In fact there's nothing in the article to indicate that Suhaib Alawar even exists!

That being said the story could definitely be true, but it also could just as easily be not true. It's not like the Palestinians don't have an incredibly long history of lying in the media to make themselves look like victims or anything. Another possibility is that there is a Suhaib Alawar that exists and was arrested, but he was not abused and did not lose weight while in prison. Or he was arrested for committing crimes, which is also a possibility. Mr. Rothman doesn't provide the Israeli side of the story, nor according to the article does it sound like he made any effort to find out. Also not everyone is singing the same tune about Israeli prisons.

But apparently the Huffington Post is a place where you can just say whatever you want and you can guarantee that it will be published. As long as it makes the Israelis look bad of course. No fact checking or independent verification necessary.

Actually one of the Huffington Posters did call Mr. Rothman out on his last of evidence. Let's see what he had to say:

Um, okay. Just because you trust people who tell you what to hear doesn't mean the rest of us are under any obligation to do so. And no courtroom in the world would make a conviction based on what he has presented. Let's not ignore this remark about the "extensive background research" either. What research? Where can we find it? What was its conclusions? Who conducted the research and how did they engage in it? Can we see your data? Was the research about the Alawar case specifically? Or was it a bunch of Palestinians getting together and saying "yeah the Israelis were totally mean to us man. It was awful."

You'll notice though that Mr. Rothman doesn't spend very long on the facts of the case. Instead he makes it all about him. Moriel Rothman is a good man, he's a Jew, see! Who cares if what he's saying isn't true!

Well guess what? I care. And if the Huffington Post had any integrity left where the Jewish state is concerned, so would they.

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  1. Hey man, I'm being oppressed by the guy who is in charge of the lot where I parked my car! I lost 20 pounds while I had to wait for the car jockey to retrieve my car, and then they charged me for more time than I was there, and when I complained he called me "honey."

    When is Moriel Rothman going to come and save me? At least I am a real person, not a made-up character in an on-going libel!


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