Wednesday, June 20, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: More Rockets from Gaza

Over fifty rockets were fired into Israel over the past couple days, but the HP doesn't want you to know.
"Escalation in south continues: One of three rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza towards the Sdot Negev Regional Council Wednesday afternoon hit a house. No injuries were reported, but the home was damaged.

A short while later two more rockets were fired at the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council, but no one was hurt.

More than 20 rockets were fired towards Israel throughout the day. "


  1. Well, you can't blame the poor dears, after all, how many trips to the mall and the beach can anyone stand? They have to let off a little steam, poor oppressed Gazans. And it's not as if they are trying to murder real people, is it, the targets are those awful Jews who should just let themselves be killed so the world could become Utopia.

  2. More than a hundred rockets at this point. This is why I am 100% in favor of arming the Mexican cartels so they can fight their anticolonialist war against the Arizonian, Mexifornian and Texican occupiers. I would love nothing better than to see a mortar barrage on San Diego or Brownsville.


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