Wednesday, June 6, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover? Obama On Peace

The Huffington Post has yet to cover this story from Ynetnews, though it is recent so I'm giving them time.
"US President Barack Obama told Orthodox Jewish leaders on Tuesday that President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians may not want a peace agreement and that he fears that the window of opportunity for a deal is closing."
The whole article is worth reading in its own sense, as he also talks about US-Israel relations. Still, I don't think the Huffington Post would be particularly inclined to cover a story that includes (a) someone criticizing the Palestinians and (b) someone saying that a lack of peace is not Israel's fault.

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  1. Of course, why would the HuffPo want to tell the truth? The angry, ugly, racist people who post there don't want to have to confront the truth, they prefer their bizarro world where the innocent are guilty, and wickedness is whitewashed. Makes perfect sense to me.


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