Friday, June 22, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Synagogue Defaced

The Huffington Post and its readers are usually quick to publish news of mosques defaced in the West Bank by settlers, but the other side of the coin is rarely seen.

"Graffiti praising the Prophet Muhammad were found on the walls of a synagogue in Moshav Maor in the Hefer Valley, on Thursday.

The police have launched an investigation.
According to available details, a gardener working near the synagogue spotted the graffiti in the synagogue's vestibule and alerted the moshav's security officer.
The officer told Ynet that the gardener did not know that the graffiti was in Arabic, and thought it was a prank by local teens.
It was only when moshav members arrived at the synagogue for evening prayers that the slogans were recognized as Arabic. They then notified the police."

 BTW, Moshav Maor is deep inside Israel, it's not a settlement.

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