Friday, June 1, 2012

"Peaceful" Comments of the Day

Well the thread about the latest Gaza clash is well under way, with anti-Zionists trying their best to deflect, obfuscate or in any other way turn attention away from this latest example of Palestinian aggression. Rarely have the comments been this blatant though:

The key phrase is right at the beginning, "I wholeheartedly endorse the courageous attack."


It's one thing to say that the Palestinians are justified in "fighting back" or "resisting." It isn't true of course but it at least gives one the impression that the poster does not enjoy violence. This guy though is glad that people re dead. How "liberal" of him.

The original attack.

And here's another, for your viewing pleasure

Key phrase: "Besides, the Israelis deserve to be attacked & killed after all they have done to the Palestinians."

Imagine if a Zionist said that Palestinians deserve to be killed.

The original link.


  1. Still no correction viz. the Israel/Israeli part...
    Why do you think that it is?
    I mean, as much as I loathe to say this, but anti-Israel bigotry aside(which is all too plain and quotidian on the HP), grammar should come first; shouldn't it?

  2. The Jew-haters can blow it out of their ears. The Israelis are defending their families from the vicious attacks of the Gazans and "authority" Arabs, and if the Jew-haters salivate over the prospect of more dead Jewish children, well, it sucks to be them.

    The Iranians have "executed" over 1000 people in the last year for crimes such as Breathing While Gay, and the Syrians are committing wholesale slaughter. Not a word from the great humanitarians. Hypocrites.


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