Sunday, June 17, 2012

Simmons Call for Peace, Haters Hate

Self described "hip hop mogul" Russell Simmons wrote an article for the Huffington Post about how he's traveling to Israel for "Jewish-Muslim reconciliation". It sounds like a great cause and something that is badly needed in today's world. Here's an excerpt from the article:
""Learning about the other" and sharing commonalities andeventually working together in their respective Muslim and Jewish communities is always the ultimate objective. Now is the time for this divine work to be done on the ground in Israel. Muslims and Jews must ready themselves for when peace comes to the region. Imams and rabbis in synagogues and mosques throughout the area must open their doors to greet their neighbors. After all, we are all brothers of the same patriarch Abraham and our family must learn to trust each other and live in peace and harmony."
Great message, right? Wrong. You see, Simmons didn't bash Israel enough, nor did he talk about the poor suffering Palestinians (tm). So the HPers made sure anyone reading the comments knew what a waste of time Simmons' trip was:

Yes, the problem is the Jews, and it always will be. Don't work for peace, Russell Simmons, work to destroy Israel. Once the Jews are gone, peace will reign.

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  1. OT now that Faurisson has died I expected HuffPo and Salon to go into a day of mourning.


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