Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Syria Shoots Down Turkish Jet, Israel Blamed

If there's any doubt left in your mind about the pervasive obsession with Israel that permeates the Huffington Post, this post should cure you of your doubts. Syria downed a Turkish jet, and Turkey went to NATO. The Huffington Post covered the news, and what were two of the top comments about? Israel, of course! And this is just a small sampling:

This tells us that the motivations of the HPers are not "justice" or "human rights" or any of the other flowery language they use, it's pure hatred of Israel. As if we needed more evidence of that.

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  1. Israel executed handcuffed men? That is a specialty of the Arabs, not the Israelis. If this hater is talking about the flotilla, it was the Israelis who were attacked by armed terrorists and who had to fight back to save their own lives. The deaths of the terrorists were their own fault, and good riddance.


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