Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today's Incitement: "Not a Jewish State"

Today's red meat from the Huffington Post greeted me this morning with a screaming headline:

The latest anti-Israel hit piece is from Moriel Rothman, in which he accuses Israel of not living up to Jewish values because it deports illegal immigrants and because it is mean to the poor suffering Palestinians (tm). Let's just take a quick look.

Rothman leads off with his pronouncement from the mountaintop:
"But Israel is not a Jewish state in any value-based -- or valuable -- way. The Torah, the backbone of the Jewish people and religion, has a wide range of commandments and imperatives, some chauvinistic and some universalistic, some peaceful and some violent, some which contradict others. However, the most repeated commandment in the Torah, appearing in different forms 37 times, is the imperative to "love the stranger," for we were strangers in the land of Egypt.
In addition to this religious dictate, Jews over history and throughout the centuries have learned in the most difficult -- and sometimes horrific -- ways what it means to be a stranger."
 Got that, everyone? Israel isn't a Jewish state because it doesn't love all strangers. Let's see why that is:
"Forced interment-qua-deportation of African asylum seekers is Israel's leader's version of Jewish "humane" tradition. I refuse to accept such a perversion of my history, religion and culture. Israel is not a Jewish state."
Ah, of course, the deportation of African migrants. Mr. Rothman gets two points for high-minded rhetoric ("perversion of my history," "human tradition") but minus two points for a lack of awareness. I have no reason to defend the Israeli government's decision to enforce its own immigration laws. The fact is that while Jews are suppose to "love the stranger," the Torah doesn't say anything about accepting hundreds of thousands of strangers into your home. How many African immigrants does Mr. Rothman live with, you think?

But let's move to everyone's favorite subject, the poor suffering Palestinian victims:
"And then let's travel briefly to the other side of the "green line," the internationally recognized border between Israel and maybe-future-Palestine that has lost virtually all meaning as Israel has intensified and entrenched its quasi-annexation of Area C (over 60 percent of the West Bank and home to almost all Israeli settlements). A small village named Susya, located in the area of the South Hebron Hills, has recently received demolition orders. For the entire village.
Again: The whole village is slated to be demolished."
 The fact that Susya has already been demolished five times and is built on the remains of a Jewish synagogue is left out of Mr. Rothman's whine fest.

But the damage has already been done. Rothman repeats several times that Israel is not a Jewish state (in his own, undoubtedly hypocritical, opinion) and the Huffington Post and its readership eats it up. I don't know where the HP finds these people, but there's no shortage of them.


  1. Don't forget the signature "as-a-Jew" position whence Rothman plies his nauseating contumely.
    The HP has done it again. Where do THEY find them?

  2. And of course if Israel did live according to the word of the Torah in every possible way, what would the Huffington Post call it. A theocracy, right.

  3. Curiously there’s no handwringing about the 400,000 illegal immigrant Obama kicks out every year.

    Or this
    Following violence, Sudanese leave Arab Israeli town en masse
    About 100 Sudanese pack up and leave Kfar Manda in northern Israel


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