Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Victoria Fine, Willing Dupe

Huffington Post blogger Victoria Fine has returned from a trip to "Palestine," and is ready to provide her readers with the latest round of Palestinian Authority-approved sob story, with a special silence on the dying and the maimed in Syria. There's an extra dose of irony, as her article is titled "Palestine Beyond the Protests," but is only about one thing: protests. Maybe she didn't write her own title but if she did, way to go.

Anyway I'm not going to talk about the whole article but Ms. Fine engages in the usual, revisionist history, and then makes a strange statement:
"The goal organized by activists this year was for the Palestinians to march through the barrier checkpoints from the West Bank to Jerusalem. Predictably, the IDF preemptively shut down the crossings between Israel and the West Bank. They also shut down the country's borders, and one person died during protests trying to get in."
Um, what borders and what country? Is Ms. Fine making a political statement that the West Bank is a country? She also uses the term "Palestine" and "West Bank," interchangeably, which doesn't help. But if she was referring to Israel, then that straight up isn't true because Israel's borders weren't shut down. Also, why did a person die during the protests? What happened? Are you going to provide any more information? To be honest the whole thing sounds like a press release and not a researched news item, but let's not linger and move on to the good part: Palestine beyond the protests.

The vast majority of Ms. Fine's article is describing a protest. Which basically goes like this: Palestinians do something to provoke the soldiers, the soldiers try to arrest the provokers, everyone fights, the provoker gets arrested, everyone goes home. In fact Ms. Fine herself points out how blase everyone is about it...which makes one wonder why she wrote the article in the first place. Anyway let's check out some examples:
"The IDF cornered the flag-bearer into a bus station, along with hordes of onlookers circling, and tried to cuff him. But from above the station, other Palestinians started throwing down homemade smoke bombs, and stoning the soldiers with debris.The soldiers countered by shooting with stun grenades, which are grenades that make a loud noise with smoke. At the time, because everything happened so quickly, I wasn't sure if any of this was live ammunition, so I reasonably found a big wall to shield me if needed. But all around me, everyone was cheering and laughing and running around, like they had just won a soccer match."
Ah, so peaceful.
"We caught up to our student, who was happy to show off his protest pack. He unloaded it for us as another student of ours broke out a portable speaker and MP3 player, which he blasted pop music from as we walked."
Truly, the crushing poverty of the Palestinian people is a tragedy to behold.
"When I asked what the goal of the protesters for the event was, he shrugged. "To be here. Maybe, to hurt the soldiers, because they hurt us."" 
Wow. So peaceful. And Ms. Fine just let's this remark go without commentary or opinion. Unlike many other Palestinian supporters, she doesn't use the terms "peaceful protest" or "nonviolent resistance," perhaps because her own findings prove that isn't true. Instead she talks about the violence as little as possible and plays up the Palestinian casualties.

Violence is bad, so Ms. Fine just goes all starry-eyed and talks about how great it is the Palestinians provoke Israeli soldiers instead of, you know, working for peace. Here's just a small example:
"While I don't have an answer for that, I can say that the most inspiring form of protest I saw in Palestine was not done in a large organized crowd or painted on the walls of Qalandia checkpoint. It is another routine altogether. But it's still the act of showing up."
Nothing like unbiased journalism I see. And it would be one thing if she told us what they were protesting for. After all, the majority of Palestinians do not have and have never wanted peace. If that has changed, I'd like to see proof. If the Palestinians are "resisting" the security fence, only to miraculously disappear as soon as the suicide bombers appear again, that's something else that would be good to know. And have the Palestinians ever protested their own governments, who keep them in a state of stasis, never going anywhere? What do you think.

So when all is said and done it's just another propaganda article making the Palestinians look like saints who would never hurt a fly. All the while rockets fly out of Gaza onto Israeli civilians. Welcome to the Huffington Post.

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  1. The Israelis caught yet another terrorist at a check-point in Judea and Samaria a day or so ago, this time the monster was carrying three pipe bombs.

    If there were any justice in this world they would simply take these pieces of filth, stand them up against the nearest wall, and set off the bombs at their feet. Let their relatives have the fun of finding the pieces for burial.

    No doubt this one, as usual, will get a pat on the head and be told, "Run along now, and please don't try to murder innocent children again!"


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