Sunday, July 1, 2012

Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day

No real context necessary or justified to see where this poster is coming from, only a trip to the psychiatrist's office would do that:

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  1. Why do the Nazis of HP put an underscore in their spelling of Jewish? Is this so that the system doesn't automatically do something to the post or is it a codeword they use for something?

  2. And...his profile is gone from the HP.
    What's interesting to me is that Sam7 had been an active anti-Israel (and token pro-Arab/Palestinian) poster for a while but never went completely around the bend until this point. I'm sorry his bigotry drove him away, but from a serious views standpoint, he won't be missed.

  3. I noticed that too. I have to assume that this is another way of not calling Jews by our real name, as anti-Semites and neo-Nazis of the Christian Identity strain call us "Hebrews" or "Israelites."

    This creep proves that he is just another hater.

    1. HP moderation is in two stages, computer and human. The computer looks at all posts and decides if a post has key words that make it worthy of human eyes. One of those key words, apparently is "Jew" or "Jewish". By adding the underscore, the comment isn't flagged by the computer and is more likely to make it through moderation.

    2. Interesting, and good to know, thanks.

  4. "SamSeven" was banned, but is already back as "Sam7even".

    I'm providing an interesting link, to a comment thread. Please make sure to click on "Expand full thread" on top, and click on "There are More Comments on this Thread. Click Here To See them All"

    What I find interesting is that not only do they not think the Palestinians should except responsibility for anything, including their own actions, but they themselves don't think
    they should except responsibility for anything, including their own actions.

    Like the Palestinians that they blindly support, it is never their fault, it is always someone else's fault and they are just merely the victims of others who are "out to get them".

    What a truly pathetic lot they are.

  5. Profile doesn't exist anymore. Hurray! He'll have plenty of time now to seek help.


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