Sunday, July 22, 2012

Biased Headline Leads To Rage (Part 2)

In the latest and greatest example of the Huffington Post spinning a headline to provoke anger in their readership, we go to the "Politics" section to find this story:

Now I had never heard of this organization before but the short version is that their goal is to lobby about Jewish issues that aren't Israel related, to try and change the perception that Jews are a single issue voting block.

That's if you read the article. If you didn't read the article, however, like if your only reason to exist is to hate Israel and its Jewish supporters, you might have come to a different conclusion. The conclusion reached by the Huffington Posts' biased headline.

I don't blame them this time. They just reacted in exactly the way the Huffington Post editors wanted them to. And of course, as Huff-Watcher would say, HuffPost approved.

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