Sunday, July 22, 2012

Credit Where Its Due, the HuffPo Comes Close

After two articles about the Bulgaria bus bombing of Israeli tourists, the Huffington Post took the unprecdented step of actually publishing a picture of their funeral:

They even had one of their trademark slideshows of the relatives looking sad:

However, they still haven't published a picture of the victims:

Though they would of their killer:

And of course this headline, the nadir of Huffington Post bias:

As much as we give them credit, the number of pictures of Israeli victims of terrorism published on the Huffington Post remains at exactly zero.


  1. Don’t forget the Bulgarian bus driver.

    Muslim bus driver killed in Burgas bombing laid to rest
    No Bulgarian officials present to pay respects at Mustafa Kyosev’s funeral
    Kyosev, 36, belonged to Bulgaria’s ethnically Turkish, Muslim minority, which comprises 8% of the country’s 7 million people.
    He was survived by his wife Emine and 10-year-old daughter.

  2. Great post, guys, I missed this one. The end is perfect. Between your work and mine, only an Arianna cultist could believe that it's all a big mistake, that it goes on year after year, and believing her when she says, with a straight face, that HuffPost is nonpartisan "news" outfit.

    Thanks for all you do here.



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