Friday, July 6, 2012

Daoub Kuttab Almost Tells the Whole Truth

In his most recent op ed for the Huffington Post, Palestinian "journalist" Daoud Kutttab goes to his wheelhouse, complaining about how much the Palestinians are suffering. He leads off with some emotional words:
"Something deep and painful was broken in Ramallah this week: along with the bones broken by violent Palestinian plainclothes and official security officials dealing with a protest, Palestinian trust was permanently wounded."
 And then lists some of the other ways the Palestinian Authority has been mean recently:
"The scores of injured in the July 1 demonstration triggered a second demonstration the following day, in protest of the crackdown, and again Palestinian security used violence to prevent hundreds of demonstrators from reaching the Palestinian Authority's Muqata headquarters.
While the successive crackdowns received minor coverage in the Palestinian press, and even on some of the most read websites, the news and pictures of Palestinian violence trended on social media. To her credit, the PLO executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi was among the first to publicly denounce the violence against nonviolent protesters."
And finishes off with a Palestinian trademark, the veiled threat:
"For a long time Palestinians were willing to put aside differences because of the need to unite against the Israeli occupier, which does not differentiate between Palestinians. However, more and more Palestinians are becoming convinced that their acquiescence to and support for the current Palestinian leadership should not be taken for granted.

The bones that were broken in Ramallah this week will take long to heal. The political hurt is likely to be felt much after the physical injury heals. The faster this issue is taken seriously the better for all."
 So as a whole, Kuttab tells a typical story of the poor suffering Palestinian victim, peacefully protesting until they are beaten down by the cruel oppressors, with the slight twist on it being the Palestinian Authority rather than the Zionists. But there's just one part of the story Kuttab left out, what exactly the protesters were protesting. In the article he says it was against, "the intended, unprecedented, visit by the Israeli vice premier, Shaul Mofaz, to Ramallah. Palestinian protesters made a strong argument for their opposition to the Mofaz visit." But according to YnetNews, the protesters wanted something else as well:

Hundreds of demonstrators marched on the offices of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday to protest against diplomatic contacts with Israel and to denounce police violence at a previous rally.

 "Chanting for an end to the Oslo Accords, which were meant to pave the way to permanent peace with Israel, the flag-waving crowd cut through Ramallah's crammed city center under the watchful eye of scores of plainclothes security officers....

"We want your head Mofaz," the crowds chanted on Tuesday, adding: "The people want the fall of Oslo," adapting a common refrain against the ruling elites in countless Arab Spring protests over the past 18 months. "
 Oh, that's right, they also wanted an end to the Oslo Accords and peace with Israel, such as it is. Funny how Mr. Kuttab didn't mention that extremely relevant fact, you would think a journalist would. But then how can he help maintain the myth that the Palestinians are poor and suffering and desperately want peace with Israel but the mean old Zionists won't let them? Better to let inconvenient facts fall by the wayside...

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