Friday, July 20, 2012

Hani Almadhoun's Propaganda Fail

We have long known that most Palestinian and Arabist bloggers at the Huffington Post function as little more than propagandists, even those like Daoud Kuttab who started off as actual journalists. And Hani Almadhoun is no exception: even though his bio says he is a comedian the only reason why the Huffington Post keeps him around is to tell as many sob stories about Gaza as he can. This time he has managed to shove one into the "Food" section, in a classic Huffington Post tactic. And the spin starts right from the first sentence:
"I am going to try to keep this blog post just about fish."
Yeah, sure. In reality its another sad tale of the suffering Gazans whose lives are made hard by Israel for no reason at all. Obviously, no mention of Hamas, suicide bombers, Islamic Jihad, or rockets are made in this blog post. Nope. Just fish and fancy restaurants:
"My father, bored at the time, suggested to treat us to a fish dinner at Al Hindy restaurant in the middle of the affluent Al-Nasir neighborhood. Knowing my fiance's expensive taste, I thought this place might stink. CHECK. The place did stink, in a good way as the fish aromas filled the little shop from all the grilling outside."
Yeah, that was a major complaint in Auschwitz as well. The expensive restaurants smelled too much like fish. But wait, it get even more hilarious:
"Frankly, I was surprised by how delicious the dinner was. I did not realize that many of those top Gazan chefs who used to cook in five-star Israeli restaurants and hotels are no longer able to cook for their affluent Israeli cumstomers. So instead, those chefs are now cooking for the spoiled minority in Gaza."
Yeah, I'm really feeling the suffering here I gotta say. Notice further how Mr. Almadhoun doesn't bother to explain why these top Gazan chefs are no longer able to work in "apartheid Israel." Apparently the conflict is only around when it is convenient for him to rewrite history. And by the way, this is no longer about fish. But don't worry, the propaganda continues:
"Fishermen face a lot of harassment in the water from various Israeli navy boats who rule the water. For example, in a 2009 report (PDF) 55 fishermen were detained in addition to three foreign national activists. According to the same report, the Israeli navy also confiscated a number of boats and fishing equipment from many fishermen."
Oh right, we were only talking about fish in this one. Sure. But hey, if the Gazans would like to make peace I'm sure the "harassment" would stop. If not, give it a try anyway. But don't worry, the ridiculousness of his whining continues:
"To respond to the shortage in seafood, tunnel-smuggled Egyptian fish cover for some of the shortage, as do fish from Israel or frozen seafood that Israeli business are happy to dump into Gaza. So, the food that does not sell well in Israeli markets can be sent to Gaza where it might be sold at premium just for having passed through Israel. Meanwhile a lot of fish rot in the sea because they are not being caught by fishermen and, thus, rob the local economy of a God-given resource in an attempt to score political points in a ridiculous game. The Gaza fishing industry estimates their loss of income at 10 million dollars that they could be making if the Israeli navy allow them to fish in peace."
Frozen fish? Lost profits? Oh the humanity! Guess what? Israel isn't under any obligation to help the Gazans make money. They are at war. What do you call America's blockade of Germany? What do you call bombing of factories? What do you call the BDS movement, if not economic pressure?

Fortunately, someone called Mr. Almadhoun out on this very subject and the answer he gives is very informative. A perfect cherry to this ice cream sundae of an article:

First observation: It's interesting that Mr. Almadhoun doesn't deny that the people of Gaza are dedicated to wiping out Israel. I thought that he would have.

Secondly, once again we see the hypocrisy. Mr. Almadhoun wants Israel to not hinder Gaza's economy, even though that's been part of war for thousands of years. But I'm sure him and his supporters wouldn't mind groups like BDS hindering Israel's economy, right?

You don't have to be a hypocrite to be a Palestinian supporter. But it sure seems to be the case a lot of the time.

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  1. It may be true that not all "pro-'palestinian arab' supporters" are hypocrites, but it is a certainty that ones who are not would be found criminally insane in any court of law and sentenced to permanent incarceration.

    For example, the guys who think they are Napoleon or Jesus Christ are probably too out of it to be considered hypocritical, and the ones who think they are Napoleon or Jesus Christ while holding up a convenience store are no doubt "pro-'palestinian arab'."


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