Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HP Bias: A Story So Nice They Published It Twice

In another case of HP bias by repeating stories, the HP published a second article about what they already covered, Israel preventing Syrian refugees from coming into Israel.

This time, it's a blog post by Michel Gabaudan, who works for something called "Refugees International". The article presents absolutely no new information about the Israel component of the Syria refugee problem. But when you've got Israel being mean to the poor innocent Syrians, you've got to keep pushing the story. If you're the Huffington Post that is.


  1. The 'Syrian Rebels' very publicly and repeatedly announced they want NO Jewish/Israeli/Zionist help with anything, ever.

  2. But Trudy, you know that doesn't mean that they wouldn't take it, and with both hands, if they thought no one was looking, and if they never had to thank them for it. These arabs are no different from Assad's arabs; they are just as vile, hateful, power mad, and repulsive.


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