Sunday, July 29, 2012

HP Bias: War With Iran? Part XXVI

The Huffington Post leaped upon a story that they knew they could give this incendiary headline:

Yeah, that's one way to put it one. Here's another way: This story is bullcrap.

See, what happened is that that bastion of truth and objectivity known as Ha'aretz reported that National Security Adviser Tom Donilon showed Netanyahu American plans to attack Iran to stop their nuclear blah blah blah. But here's the thing: though Israel did indeed deny that the meeting ever happened, Ha'aretz has no proof that it did. Yet guess which one is given top billing in the Huffington Post.

And I didn't need to do any cross referencing to find all that. It's right there in the article itself: Ha'aretz made the accusation, Israel denied it, and that's the end of the story. Yet the Huffington Post still rockets it to the top of the "World" section.

Right now there are more than a thousand comments and I didn't even need to read a page before finding some classic Huffington Post anti-Semitism:

While we're at it, here's another that the Huffington Post considers one of their "highlights:"

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  1. You know, in this case, I have equal contempt for Ha'aretz...
    The fact that this "newspaper", now nothing more than a rag with spurious and crafty allegations, all tucked under a serious journalistic, but most of all, "asaJew"/"asanIsraeli" veneer, make it irresistible fodder for the likes of the HuffPo, chomping at the bit for any "good dirt" on Israel; at least, as you rightly point out, something that could spark rage from the HPers.


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