Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HP Blogger Declares All Israelis Are Racist

The Huffington Post has published tons of stories about Mitt Romney's trip to Israel and the various statements made there. There are too many stories and too many comments for us to look at all of them, but I'm glad I caught this one.

The context is an article in which Romney (according to the Huffington Post) made a statement that argued the Palestinians' economic woes are because of an inferior "culture", compared to Israel. This article obviously generated tons of comments, including this one, by a Huffington Post blogger:

Beyond the fact that this statement is blatantly a lie (I don't think many Israeli Arabs would consider the Palestinians to not be human), it is simple bigotry towards Israelis. Such a statement would be bad enough from a commenter, from a blogger is simply outrageous.

The best link I could find at the Contact Us page is the general email address info@huffingtonpost.com. I recommend all of us email them with a complaints about this bigot and there's a slim chance they might do something about it.

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  1. I guess when you "blog" for HuffPo, you are exempt from "terms of service".
    This guy seems to be an equal opportunity offender, often referring to other posters as "stupid" and constantly telling other posters to "shut up", which were too numerous to even consider.
    Here are a few highlights of some of his posts that clearly show his carte blanche status in regard to posting, taken just from the first few pages of his comments.
    Indeed, I'm sure HuffPo is proud to have this sort of representation.

    “Rmoney would rather not have the media record him repeatedly referring to Obama as "that schvartze usurper" for an hour. Can't blame him, really.”

    “Do you suppose this goon calls the POTUS a n***er when he's with pals?

    “I need you to take a nasty fall and break your hip, metal d76.”

    “Can I kick his face?”

    “I'd use a machete on Dick.”

    “You know what they woulda called Thomas on a plantation in the 19th century.
    House n____r!”

    “In FL? No, justice will come to GZ when he's beaten to death in a barroom fight.”

    “Someone needs to take Grover out back and shoot him in the head.”

    “I look forward to reading Grover Norquist's obituary. Please, God, make it soon.”

    “If I wasn't praying for this guy's DEATH, I'd feel kinda sorry for him.”

    “There are some obituaries I look forward to like opening a present and finding a really cool toy with a $100 bill tucked in the box, too.”

    “Jane and Voight should get together in a soundproof room and shout "N***er!" at the top of their lungs for 3 days w/o stop. It'll make 'em feel better, I'm sure of it!”


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