Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HPW: Bulgaria Bus Bombing (Part 1)

Here's the comments from the Bulgaria bus bombing thread. The Huffington Posters were classy as always while the moderators looked the other way. That is, until they came in with a scythe and removed two pages worth of comments, including some that were not offensive.

Most of these were deleted as I said. But we'll reconvene tomorrow and see what's what.


  1. Did they blame it on the Jews who died? I mean literally, as in they blew themselves up? As of 2:30pm Eastern, CNN stubbornly refuses to even call it an attack. Apparently buses spontaneously explode on their own all the time.

    I haven't checked at Die Sturmer Salon yet but I'm thinking either they ignore it or they're cheering, lead by Glenn "Goebbels" Greenwald.

  2. As I understand it, most of the passengers were kids. Such brave fighters, the moslems, murdering unarmed children.

  3. I posted a fairly mundane comment about editorial bias in their selection of photos - never even posted it! They then changed the photo from a generic photo of police line tape (in English) to the photo of the smoke column, so maybe they were shamed!

  4. ET,
    I don't agree with Glenn Greenwald's point of view any more than you do, but I will say that he tends to come down on Hamas/IJ terrorism when it kills innocent civilians. It's like his one remotely empathetic tendency when he writes about I/P issues--kind of like Joann Hari used to interrupt his dislike for all things Israel to destroy the arguments of Holocaust deniers--I just wanted to give GG the very limited credit he deserves.


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