Monday, July 2, 2012

HPW: Yad Vashem Softens Stance on Pope

Another "holy HP trinity" article has been published, this time about Yad Vashem "softening" its stance towards Pope Pius XII, the pope in power during WWII. The holy trinity, of course, being Jews, Israel, and the Holocaust. So far, on this thread, there hasn't been too much Holocaust cynicism or denial, but there has been a lot of attempted hijacking of the thread to talk about (you guessed it) the poor suffering Palestinians and how evil Israel is. Take a look below.

Some of these comments don't even pretend to be on topic.


  1. Just checked the Huffpost and lo and behold:

    Syria: 800 dead in a week - 408 comments, 2 pending
    Israel: soldier kick a palestinian child - 470 comments, 138 pending


  2. Of course they are not on topic in the real world, these nutjobs inhabit another world where their worst projections onto innocent people become true. When you read this garbage you notice that they never give any particulars about Israeli "crimes," because they cannot. They hate Jews for whatever reason(s) known only to themselves, so they spew their bile anywhere. Theirs is an existential hatred, not tied to any reality.

  3. it is genetic.people are born hating or loving Jews. even Jews are born hating or loving Jews. there is nothing you can say to change it because it is biological. It is the reason i never write about this topic. people born loving Jews will love us even when all available evidence show the contrary. people born hating Jews will hate us even when all available evidence show the contrary. This goes for Jews too. for many Jews there is nothing that the state of Israel can do right. they seek every opportunity to undermine it.


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