Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Irans Executes Bankers, HPers Applaud

The Huffington Post published the news of the Iranian government hanging four people convicted of bank fraud. I clicked on the thread expecting to see a few of the usual suspects trying to justify this action the way they usually do. Instead, I found hundreds of comments in support of the execution.

I have a couple thoughts on these comments.

First of all, it's typical HPer hypocrisy. The HPers will scream "apartheid" and "racism" any time a minority in Israel is mistreated (see: African migrants), but when people are executed for white collar crime in Iran, they applaud.

Second, this kind of vitriol can help explain some leftist anti-Semitism. The moment you step away from the language of "human rights" (which we know is a purely political talking point anyway) and start demanding the execution of "bankers," it's not too difficult to make the jump from "bankers" to "Jews". We see tons of comments equating Jews to "the bankers" (usually disguised as "Zionists" or the fan favorite "the Rothschilds").


  1. Intrigued/horrified by the sample comments here, I went over to the thread and read all 47 pages of comments on this article thus far. And I'm glad I did so because I got to witness the death of the Huffington Post.
    Oh, I don't mean that the HP is actually going to vanish or change into something radically different. The term death here refers to the expiration of the HP as a forum with any credibility. Having that many unoriginal ideas (dozens of posts that had mirror-like refrains on "Iran was right here!" or "Can we send U.S. bankers to Iran?" or "Mahmoud A. is a great man for this!") combined with the zeal of embracing the death penalty when it's supportive of their angriest beliefs and the barely subliminated bigotry involved in convoluted explanations for why this position is actually moral equals a site that has nothing to do with law, reason, society, beliefs or values. The HP is officially the center for people who would kill anyone who disagrees with them because that's the most convenient way to express their outrage. I'm a little amazed that the HP, which has usually had some intelligent writers and commenters (a few of the latter did show up here, and the actual article about the Iran convictions is solid straight reporting), would turn themselves into a laughingstock for the worst of anonymous Internet society. But they did just that here, and there's no going back. Congratulations HP, you're now on the same level as Mondoweiss!

  2. Well cuz the fraudulent banksters of the West need to be made an example of... And I can see why many HPers were for the execution of the Iranian bankers even though many on the site hate the Mullah regime.l.


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