Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kick a Child, You're a Nazi

The Huffington Post, which usually moves at a turtle's pace when covering I/P conflict news, jumped right on the story of a video published by B'Tselem that shows an Israeli border patrol officer kicking a Palestinian kid. Naturally, there was the typical array of HPer comments: complaints about Jews doing this systematically, hangwringing for the poor suffering Palestinians, attacks on Zionism and Israel's existence, etc. But the comments I would like to highlight illustrate typical HPer hypocrisy:

Yes, the infamous Holocaust card, supposedly the trademark of the pro-Israel crowd. And yet here it is, in full use by Israel haters, on a thread about a kid being kicked. Because everyone knows the Nazis kicked Jewish kids and then let them run away, which is exactly what happened in the video.

By the way, there was another article published the same day about 800 people killed in Syria. No Holocaust comparisons there. I guess you need Jews around for that.


  1. The soldier shouldn't have kicked the kid but that video was an obvious set up.

    I'm still waiting for a pic of an Israeli like this:
    Or teaching their kids to imitate it like this:
    or this.

    1. Agreed Ian.

      The soldier should have used restraint, he was wrong,
      but It was absolutely a set up. No doubt.
      I am sure it is no "coincidence" that someone from B'tselm just happened to be in a hallway, with a video camera, filming an empty, narrow sliver of street for a whole two minutes, till 'suddenly….voilla!' the kid that had been throwing stones at soldiers, is grabbed. This was no coincidence, you can bet on that.
      It was clearly "bait and wait"


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