Monday, July 23, 2012

MJ Rosenberg Digs Himself Deeper

With the comments section of his recent article about the API and how stupid Israel was for not taking advantage of it, MJ Rosenberg responds to all the criticisms of his article the best way he knows how, constructing an epic strawman:

As usual when confronted by reality, leftists like Rosenberg resort to generic statements like "negotiate fairly" without answering the important questions like who exactly should Israel negotiate with and why should Israel make a peace agreement with anyone if they're going to be overthrown in two or three or ten years?

These articles from MJ Rosenberg would be a lot more valuable if Rosenberg was more interested in objectively finding a path to peace in the world as it is rather than published anti-Israel rhetoric to appease his masters at the HP.


  1. It isn't very difficult to backtrack and see that Israel gives and the other side takes.

    It is Israel's actions that have cut down terrorist attacks in the case of the security fence. The number of thwarted attacks is unknown (to me) but it's important to know of them.

    Gaza, of course, was a major gift from Israel. We all know that over ten thousand missiles were the reciprocal gift. And to carry on the unproductive and beggarly Hamas way of life those who had voted them in destroyed the flourishing businesses which had also been gifted to them. Even the Jewish dead were removed from Gaza. The synagogues were destroyed.

    Hamas and Fatah kill each other and each murders their own. Neither holds elections. There are no Jews in Gaza and a Palestinian state would tolerate no Jews.

    It is very difficult to see on what basis of equality negotiations could take place. I've hardly scratched the surface here but should have made apparent the lack of Arab goodwill.

    Israelis always wanted to share the land. Documents from the National Archive currently being published online by Yaacov Lozowick confirm that. All Israel has ever had in return is antisemitism, deceitfulness, forgery, land approriation, terrorism and death.

    It is really only one side that is monumentally lacking as a peace partner. And it isn't Israel.

    I wonder how many people could with a clear conscience see the land depicted on this linked site handed to people whose true aim is to remove Jews from their rightful home?

    And all of that ignores the fact that in 1922 78% of the land designated for the Jewish National Home was given to Arabs. That resulted in the judenrein state of Jordan.

  2. OT I spent about an hour today on ALTERNET because they use disqus. I had never paid ALTERNET much mind. I've got to tell you it's a target rich environment; not just the comments but the 'columns' themselves which will match the craziest hate filled ranting of any random Nazi retard on HP. Seriously - for instance there's a piece on BDS littered with factual inaccuracies and flat out lies which were debunked months ago. And then of course the comments attached to it could be written on Goebbels letterhead.


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