Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More HuffPoster Weeping For Assad

As you have probably already seen, a suicide bomber attacked key members of Syrian President Assad's cabinet. Generally the Huffington Posters are pretty balanced between pro-Assad and anti-Assad, at least compared to the rest of the country, but since a suicide bomber was used this time they were quick to declare it "terrorism." Obviously, since no Jews or Westerners were involved, the term "legitimate resistance" was nowhere to be found.

Clearly the intention was to accuse others who use the term "terrorism" of hypocrisy, but it doesn't appear to have worked.


  1. HP readers were in thrall to Iraqi shahids mass murdering Iraqis and Americans when that was in vogue.

  2. Wait till they start cheering about todays Bulgarian bus bombing that killed 3-7 Israelis.

  3. The HuffNazis would not recognize honor, truth, hypocrisy, irony, decency, duty, common sense, or fair ply if you hit them over the heads with any of them.

    They are all losers.


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