Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nazi Convicted, Hate Spews in All Forms

In one of the news articles that is the Huffington Post's bread and butter, the story of Laszlo Csatary was published. Laszlo is a 97 year old Nazi war criminal that was finally caught, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. You can read the actual article for his life's story and list of crimes.

The article generated over 1,800 comments (for those of you keeping track at home, that's 1,000 less than an Israeli cop kicking a Palestinian kid) so I didn't even come close to looking at all of them. But I got more than enough to warrant a post on it. You'll see it all below, anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, Holocaust cynicism, etc. Here's one to get you started and the rest are below the fold.

Huffpost approved, one and all. And some got quite a few favorites.


  1. If I may, these comments also appeared on that thread, early on.


    There is a New World Order of Nazi's and we are here to stay and prosper.
    My hat is off to this man of 97; may he live Long and prosper.

    Going after a 97-year-old man? This is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! These Jews will stop at nothing just to settle a pointless score. The world does NOT owe Jewish people anything, and casualties are a fact of every single war.

    Garry Carlson

    The jews, arent they hateful enough as it is…


    He is 97!
    Wow this Nazi hunting business is going to need to find a new prey.

  2. And this one...

    "I think it's pretty obvious the jews are running out of people to pursue. They are going to have to stick to hoarding their greedy jew gold and teaming up with adam sandler to make movies once all the nazis are dead. "

    4 favs!

  3. The only thing which gives me any hope at all is that fact that the HuffNazis are obviously too stupid to do anything but post bile and inanities. They can't spell, they can't reason, they can't learn and they can't understand. I know chimps who are smarter (and better-looking) than these losers.


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