Monday, July 30, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Palestinian Killed at Checkpoint

While the Huffington Post publishes article after article about Mitt Romney in Israel (which comments sections are luckily for us are mostly Mitt-bashing rather than Israel-bashing), they missed this article about an example of life in the West Bank.

"A Palestinian man was killed early Monday morning in a checkpoint clash with Border Guard forces, near Jerusalem.

Border Guard spokesman Shai Hakimi said that 40-year-old Akram Badr was traveling in a car that rammed through the a-Zaim checkpoint, near Ma'ale Adumim, at high speed and tried to run over the officers who ordered him to stop.

The officers fired at the car, killing Badr. Another Palestinian was injured during the incident and the car's driver was able to flee the scene."

 Just another innocent victim of the occupation that will go on B'Tselem's list and spammed later by HPers.

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