Wednesday, July 25, 2012

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Restoring Turkish Relations

Here's a news story the HP let slip through the cracks, because any Israeli moves towards peace don't fit the narrative very well:
Turkey's Today's Zaman newspaper reported Tuesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his wish to restore relations with Turkey and also discussed his love of Turkish coffee, but stressed: "We will not apologize for Marmara."

According to the Turkish daily, speaking with Turkish reporters in Jerusalem Netanyahu said: “In a region where instability reigns, Israel and Turkey are two quite stable countries. I believe in (our) common interest.” He also discussed the joint Turkish and Jewish history.

Later in the report a "high-level" official is quoted as saying that the two countries have been trying to find a magic formula to mend the bilateral ties, but as of yet the efforts remain fruitless. The official added that Israel is open to proposals from third parties regarding such a formula.

“The formula needs to not only appeal to both countries but it should also not harm the dignity of either country." 

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  1. What can we do, Turks do have pride. I hope they could settle whatever the problem is.


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