Thursday, July 19, 2012

Second Day, Second Article.

I have to give the Huffington Post a little bit of credit, they actually gave the recent bombing of Israeli teenagers in Bulgaria the top headline space, and even some pictures of the people here:

Unfortunately when you look at the comment section, the Huffington Posters gave up pretending to be sympathetic to the dead and instead moved their attention to the real victims: that poor, misunderstood country called Iran.

Oh, and approximately three quarters of them think that Israel killed its own people. Here are a sampling of the top favorited comments so far:

As always: Huffington Post approved.


  1. There is NOTHING more despicable, hateful, and ignorant, than those with their conspiracy theories of Israel killing its own children.

    Sorry, but killing ones own, children and otherwise, is reserved for muslims, mostly in the form of suicide bombers and honor killings.

  2. Anonymous, if it makes you feel any better, they know it's a lie, just as they know calling Israel "an apartheid state," or Gaza "a concentration camp" is a lie. Some of the weakest minds may be stupidly parroting what others say, but the rest of them only say these things to be hateful, and to try to hurt our feelings. Just consider the source.

    Can you imagine being so incredibly stupid as to think that the Mossad invented using forged papers? The British SAS were using them in Lybia just recently, not that the BBC or the rest of the mainstream media would admit that it happens all the time.


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