Friday, July 6, 2012

Some Headline Spin for Today

If there is one thing the Huffington Post editors dislike more than Jewish people, it's Republicans. In fact probably by a pretty large margin. So what could possibly be better than combining the two, especially in an editorialized headline?

Very ambiguous right? But now that the audience has been "primed" by this outside headline, the inside headline confirms exactly which "demographic" we are talking about:

And if you read the article they actually spell it out:
"The summer jaunt will take Romney away from the campaign trail during a key period of his general-election fight against President Barack Obama. But the trip could help Romney shore up support among Jewish voters, evangelicals and foreign policy hawks. It's also an opportunity for Romney, whose credentials in foreign affairs are limited, to bolster his image as a competent leader capable of navigating in one of the thorniest regions of the globe."
That's some great bias there: only Jews, evangelicals, and "warmongers" support Israel. And if you were expecting this to lead to accusations of dual loyalty and Jewish treason congratulations! The Huffington Posters did not let you down:

As Huff-Watcher likes to say "HuffPost Approved!"

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