Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some News the HP Doesn't Cover

First off the line, do you remember how every single time Israelis are murdered in cold blood, the Huffington Posters engage in the same campaign of lies and distortion? And how one of their most common defenses is "there is no proof that XYZ was behind this," so stop saying it? One of the most famous examples of this was the Itamar Massacre, in which they insist to this day that it was Thai migrant workers, or maybe Israeli mafia, anyone at all besides the Palestinians who really did it. So it isn't all that surprising that the Huffington Post will let this latest story just slide under the radar:
"Alleging that an Iranian state agency was involved in the February 13 bomb attack on an Israeli diplomat in the capital, the Delhi Police has concluded that the suspects were members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, a branch of the nation's military."
I'm guess that even if the Huffington Post did, the required level of proof would simply be raised and the Huffington Posters would dismiss the story.