Friday, July 20, 2012

Spot The Difference: Bulgaria Edition

The Huffington Post, as we have mentioned, covered the bombing of an Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria. But so did the notorious white supremacist/hate site Stormfront. Now my question to you: Can you figure out which comments come from which forum, without cheating and looking at our other posts?

A. "Here we go again. Typical Israeli response, by judging others by their own morally bankrupt standards. And as usual, its great cheer leader, the USA, sings from the same page. Where is the evidence? Or is Israel's words are to suffice as evidence. We are sick & tired of Israel claiming the victim mantle, while it has itself been employed tactics that will make the worse of the worst shudder."

B. "Israeli Jews carry alot of very bad karma, wherever they go and this is blowback  for all the white phosphorus they drop on schoolchildren."

C. "They will kill their own children if it pushes their cause."

D. " Israel's claim "it was Iran" is just more of their ignorant spew. Mossad pulls such stunts all the time."

E. "A FAKE US ID, that is MOSSAD's MODUS OPERANDI, except the Jewish Cowards only kill the victims, not themselves."

F. "How would they know it was Iran this early without a valid body count? There is no way they could have known without being involved. This is a false flag for sure."

G. "Minutes after it happened Netanyahu already knew that Iran did it. Israel wants to go to war so bad (and sucker the US into it) that we better make sure and find out who did this."

H. "You have to admit, it was pretty quick of Netanyahu to blame the Iranians. Even before the smoke cleared, he was blaming someone that he's wants the US to go to war against."

I. "Ask the Israelis. They've been killing children for decades with impunity."

J. "They believe they are above the normal rules. They continuously rewrite history and we allow them to do so. Always the victim even when perpetrating the crime. Anyone who studies history understands what I am writing. It is a shame that Americans have become a proxy state of this Theocratic country. We will be attacking Iran soon at the command of Israel."

K. "Any excuse for war."

L. "I find it fairly telling that the Israeli government is blaming the Iranians for this attack without any proof whatsoever, which seems to justify war and nothing else."
A. Huffington Post.

B. Stormfront

C. Stormfront

D. Huffington Post

E. Huffington Post

F. Stormfront

G. Huffington Post

H. Stormfront

I. Huffington Post

J. Huffington Post

K. Huffington Post

L. Stormfront

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  1. These HP vs Stormfront posts are great. Keep them up! I was wrong on many of them,thinking they were stormfront posts. Very blurry lines, considering HP is moderated.


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