Monday, July 23, 2012

Still More BDS Damage Control From the HuffPo

The Huffington Post editors, no doubt reeling from the BDS rejection at the Presbyterian Church, can't manage to let it go. After three blog posts by such noted names as Phyllis Bennis and Robert Naiman trying to engage in damage control, they have finally brought out the big guns: brand new blogger Rabbi Alissa Wise, the director of Jewish Voice for Peace. Oooo, we're also so impressed down here.

I don't pretend to be as well versed in the rhetoric of BDS as Jon Haber, but even to the casual reader it is obvious she is using the same playbook as ever other boycotter. Examples include "Occupation" with a capital O, a reliance on talking points over facts, and of course the endless Palestinian victim narrative. But before we even get there she has something informative to say:
"At first glance, my work as a rabbi may look untraditional. Instead of serving a congregation, I do my rabbinic work by organizing for justice and equality for all the people of Israel and Palestine. "
Right. So instead of actually being a rabbi, you are a professional Israel hater who took the extra step of getting a "rabbi" in front of your name, even though you have no intention of actually behaving like one. Anyway after this I looked to try and find something that Ms. Wise wrote that would actually be of interest, besides the usual South Africa comparisons and whinging about "violence." And finally I found one. After trying to cling to the "razor thin" vote, she tries to say that "positive investment" is a bad thing, thus proving her zero-sum credentials:
"While the call for divestment was not fully heard due to parliamentary maneuvers [???], it has never been so incredibly close. Unfortunately, the futility of the approved "positive investment" overture was not clear to the commissioners, who failed to see that until the infrastructure of occupation is dismantled, "positive investment" is just painting rubble with a fresh coat of paint. During the push for divestment from South Africa did anyone believe investing in banstutans would work to end apartheid?"
Actually divestment didn't accomplish anything toward ending apartheid in South Africa, but I'm sure that she knew that. She just has to repeat the propaganda conjured up in Moscow. But still this paragraph is informative because she and her friends prefer a zero-sum "everybody suffers" rather than a positive "everybody tries to be as happy as possible in a bad situation." And of course the only way to "dismantle the occupation" is by doing what she says and not by making peace.

But regardless this is always good to see, because it shows just where the boycotters are coming from. Give money to the Palestinians? Why would we want to help the Palestinians? That isn't why we're here. Now we have written many times before about the true goals of the BDS project, and either the Rabbi doesn't know what it's really for, or she does know but is too dishonest to admit it.

After the usual Palestinian victim shilling, she says something interesting because it contradicts what her friends said earlier:
"Despite being overwhelmingly out-resourced by large Jewish institutions with ties to the Israel lobby, our JVP members succeeded in galvanizing a nearly identical amount of support for divestment as the opposition, and overwhelming support for boycott. This accomplishment is despite heavy-handed fear-mongering by Jewish establishment organizations that included threatening the future of interfaith cooperation and raising the specter of anti-Semitism."
"The Israel lobby" huh? This stands in opposition to the three academics whose names I have already forgotten who said that Jews weren't actually that involved, as opposed to the boycotters who threw everything they had at the issue. Still I'm glad to see that Rabbi Wise doesn't stray far from the victimization narrative that has been the domain of the Palestinians and their supporters for so long.

After bravely taking on a strawman about anti-Semitism, Rabbi Wise signs off, having secured her role as Jewish dupe of those who want Israel's destruction. The good news is this was in the "Religion" section, so the Huffington Post didn't spotlight it as much as they usual do. Still, the Huffington Posts' love for those who would destroy Israel continues unabated. Little has changed.

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  1. Who says she's actually a rabbi? That loser from "Tikkun" calls himself "rabbi" but he isn't a rabbi in any sense other than having had a "private ordination," which is no different than getting a qualification by sending $150 to some nobody online and having him send you a certificate saying that you are now a minister.

    Did this woman actually attend a recognized rabbinical school, go through the entire course, including a practicum, and graduate? I would want to see proof before I would call her "rabbi."


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