Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today's Attacks on a HuffPo Blogger

I'm not religious but I quite enjoyed the article by Rabbi Edward Bernstein, which he titled "Blessings Triumph Over Curses In Israel," buried in the religion section. In the article he discussed some of the good works that Israeli scientists and doctors are doing, including work in the field of autism, a subject quite near and dear to my heart. The only part of the article in which he becomes political is when he criticizes Alice Walker for her attempts to boycott Israel. You tell me how right-wing he sounds:

"I would love for Alice Walker to be like Balaam and offer blessings rather than curses. I think it would be better for everyone, including the Palestinians, whose cause she claims to champion, who would lead a dignified, prosperous life in the framework of a two-state solution. Fortunately, Israelis are not sitting and waiting for Alice Walker to change course. They are creating their own blessings, whether she or anyone else chooses to recognize them or not. In my recent visit, I was privileged to witness some of these blessings."
Pretty reasonable point of view right? Unfortunately for the Huffington Post readership any praise of Israel, any at all, must immediately be shouted down with insults and personal attacks. With Huffington Post moderator approval of course:

Classy as always.

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