Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today's Biased HuffPo Headline

The New York section of the Huffington Post decided to cover a free speech story about a group led by Pamela Geller who won a court case to put up the following posters:

So how do you think the Huffington Post's headline editors decided to characterize the story?

I'm no fan of Pamela Geller, but there's nothing anti-Islam about the ads. If you think that "jihad" and "Islam" is the same thing, I have a feeling they would probably get mad at you. It's also a mischaracterization to say that the ad is calling the enemies of Israel "savages."

But naturally, the Huffington Post seeks out stories to try and make the world seem black and white. The good news is that most of the readership were not fooled by the biased headline.

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