Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today's Headline Bias: Blocking Refugees

Check out the HP's latest biased headline, no doubt to make sure Israel doesn't keep any possible sympathy in the wake of the bus bombing:

Oh, that evil Israel! Forcing Syrian refugees to stay in the slaughterhouse Syria has become! Is there any lows it won't sink to?

But no, all Barak said was, "Israel would stop Syrian refugees from entering the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights if they try to flee there." Completely reasonable thing to do and say, but why have the reasonable headline when you could have the biased headline?


  1. As if they'd run a positive story on Israel.

    Where’s the Coverage? Israelis Help Syrian Refugees in Jordan and Turkey

  2. Israel and Syria are still in a state of war, but I suppose they want to overlook that.


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