Monday, July 9, 2012

Today's Holocaust Denial

The Huffington Post published its weekly Nazi-related article with a glaring headline that "Hitler Protected a Jewish Friend of His." Of course it didn't exactly go down like it says in the headline but what else is new.

Anyway this prompted almost a thousand comments with all the usual Nazi topics: "Obama is like the Nazis!" "Republicans are like the Nazis!" Unfortunately it also prompted the entirely predictable anti-Semitism, the most notable of which was a thread containing much Holocaust denial, including from "mere anti-Zionist" "tallndumb:"

And here's one more while we are at it:

All meeting with Huffington Post moderator approval, naturally.


  1. often when i check on the link provided it turns out that the comment has been deleted.

    is this because it takes awhile for hp monitors to catch the comment or because it's posted here?

  2. I always shake my head over holocaust deniers who worship Hitler. But then again I'm not insane. Expect HP to run a piece soon extolling the heretofore unknown greatness of Hitler and a suggestion that the wrong side lost WW2. It will be one of the most heavily commented articles in HP history and the comments will run 80% in favor. This isn't even a debatable point.

  3. Backeat,
    It's hard to say if HP reviewers are aware that this site exists, respect its mission, hate its existence, never/sometimes listen to it. I've never read anything to indicate that the HP follows a causal relationship between what's posted here and any comment removal they do (or lack thereof). Having said that, the HP review team is much less rabid than the posters or even the bloggers on that site; my educated guess is that they also find a lot of the comments noticed here to be unbelievably vile--and therefore violations of the HP's Terms of Services--and that's why there's a major overlap between "HP Monitor-highlighted comments" and "Deleted comments." The worst of the HP doesn't always get free reign, that's one of the major points of HPM.


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