Friday, July 27, 2012

Today's Huffington Post Israel Hatred

The Huffington Post averages one anti-Israel article a day. It averages one pro-Israel article every two months.* Usually it tries to disguise its anti-Israel bias by talking about other issues like "Palestinian children's art" and "Syrian refugees" but far more often it removes the pretense and finds someone who can publish a long essay on just how much Israel sucks. This is not something that they do with any other country, the Jewish one alone apparently deserves this treatment.

However, this time it is not the article that is what is so telling, though it does hit all the same propaganda points. No, this time it is the author named Andrew Veselka. And who is this man?
"Andrew Veselka is a freshman at Dickinson College, where he plans to pursue a degree in biology. He is a Brazilian-American who was raised in suburban Maryland, and has visited Brazil, as well as multiple other countries, every year since he was born. Having spent three years writing for his high school newspaper, he is now writing for the Dickinson College newspaper, the Dickinsonian. Andrew has a passion for animals, having spent his senior year in high school volunteering at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, and part of his summer at a zoo in Recife, Brazil known as Parque Estadual Dois Irmãos."
So if you're waiting to hear what makes him qualified to write for the Huffington Post on such matters as Rick Santorum and Israel, don't bother. He has a far left point of view, so who cares about how many facts he doesn't know? This is the Huffington Post! He's hired! Oh wait, excuse me. He does have some qualifications:
"Attending a Jewish Sunday school every weekend for eight years, few things are drilled into your mind as much as the greatness of the nation of Israel."

Wow. That is so impressive. Heaven forbid the Huffington Post hire somebody who has actually read a book on the subject right?

So anyway I'm not going to fisk the article this time because (a) it's really long and (b) Andrews brings absolutely nothing new to the table. Which I guess is what you expect. Palestinian terrorism is whitewashed, of course, while Israel is evil just for the sake of being evil. Let's instead skip down to his conclusion, because I feel that's what most of his readership did as well.
"Some would say, though, that I am being too harsh to Israel. After all, compared with many of its neighbors, Israel is still a beacon of light in one of the darker regions of the world. But this isn't good enough. Growing up, I believed Israel was a shining light of humanity. An advanced, just, and welcoming society that was a testament to what the Jewish people could accomplish. This is what the nation's founders envisioned, but now this is far from the case. As a Jew I have faith that the dream of Israel can still be fulfilled. But every injustice imposed on the Palestinians is another nail in its coffin."
Ah yes, a child dictating to Israel not only what it is but what it should do. Israel is pretty good, but if it keeps being mean to the Palestinians it will be destroyed. Therefore the way for it not to be destroyed is to sit back and let the Palestinians kill their children and bomb their cities.

What a perfect example of the Huffington Post.

*Poll results not scientific.

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  1. It's a stupid essay, for sure. But what does a passion for animals have to do with the charge of far left philosophy? Just because someone is anti-Israel to a shrieking level of hysteria does not mean that person is far left (because you are right or far right or whatever). The kid has no clue, roger that. But the left does not automatically equate anti-Israel fervor; a lack of knowledge and the inability to grasp a very real reality can happen to right wing whackos, too.


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