Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adam Pourahmadi Defends Apartheid

By now you have almost certainly heard the story about some Iranian universities not allowing women to attend some classes. The Huffington Post covered the story and Iran was given a sound tongue lashing. But because this is the Huffington Post, the big guns were called out to defend the Iranian regime. Adam Pourahmadi is an associate produce of the Huffington Post's new "Live" service, and just by coincidence he is also an Iranian American. So what did he have to say about Iran's latest example of gender apartheid?
"However, having often gone back and forth between Iran and the United States, I also know this move is not representative of Iran's higher education system. My own female cousins in Iran have studied advanced sciences and mathematics at the country's top institutions."
Ohhh, now suddenly the Huffington Post cares about what is and is not representative of the country in question. So where were you, Mr. Pourahmadi, when your fellow Huffington Post blogger was saying that all Israelis were guilty for the behavior of seven street punks? Or when the Huffington Post was giving Israel a full court press over the behavior of the most radical of the radicals? Amazing how only when it comes to atrocious behavior by Muslims/non-whites do we suddenly feel like picking and choosing which individuals should represent the West. Can anyone say, "Orientalism?"

And the thing is, he actually has a decent point. The Huffington Posts' headline, that "Iran Bans Women From Universities," was definitely misleading. Women still attend universities in large numbers there. However, that's not the point. The point is that today women are substantially less equal in Iran than they were yesterday, and that is the problem. To take it back to Israel, nobody thought that the success of women there in any way made up for the spitting upon a six year old girl in Haredi neighborhoods. Because it doesn't. Both events are being analyzed on their own. This is the same tactic the Palestinians use to defend terror attacks, by pointing out how many Palestinians aren't bombing Israelis right this second rather than those that are.

But having established that he's going to actually defend the Iranians on this, Mr. Pourahmadi takes it a step further:
"Indeed, 36 Iranian institutions of higher learning are limiting the fields to which female students may enroll. But it is important to note that the decision to ban women from certain fields is an individual, university-level decision, not being imposed upon women by the government."
Now this is just insulting his readers' intelligence. If it was an individual decision, that didn't have anything at all to do with the government, then why did thirty freaking six Iranian universities spontaneous decide to take this action at the very same time? Even if the government did not pass a law mandating this would happen, I highly doubtful that they had absolutely nothing to do with it.

And even if the government wasn't involved, so what? Israel's government didn't force the haredi or the Jewish youths to get out of line, and no one bothered to make the distinction there. Such grotesque discrimination against women is awful, no matter where it comes from, and if the Iranian government doesn't immediately step in and force these universities to change their minds....I guess we'll know exactly what's happening there.

Mr. Pourahmadi spends the rest of his article playing up the lives of women in Iran, while ignoring little things like how they are raped in prison there. Instead we get to hear about something great called "Islamic feminism." Hooray!

Let this be a lesson: Iran can literally do just about anything to its own people, and the best we can expect the Huffington Post blogger stable to produce is "yeah that's bad but hey! Look at this..."

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