Friday, August 10, 2012

Alice Bach Spews Hatred

Huffington Post blogger Alice Bach, whom we blogged about before here, is a professor at Case Western, a legitimate university, as well as a podcaster for Electronic Intifada. But what kind of university employs a woman that leaves comments like this on a news article about an American athlete paying tribute to the Munich 11?

Anyone who describes Hava Nagila as an "Israeli political song," let alone one who thinks that remembering murdered athletes is a "Zionist screed," is clearly consumed with hatred not only toward Israel but toward Jewish people as well. I remember when she was complaining that she was being merely "pro-Palestinian," but in this one moment she has revealed that this simply isn't true.

Pretty messed up people the Huffington Post attracts. And then hires.


  1. Thank you so much for capturing and printing her diatribe.
    Although I have several replies to her, I didn't capture this before it
    was removed.

    If interested, IsraellyCool posted a great sample reel by Katahdin Productions on Vimeo about the song Hava Nagila…GREAT little piece….
    you can watch it on israellycool...

  2. All you can do is laugh at this woman. What a fool she makes of herself! Perhaps she remembers a certain Saudi judoka and her hijab? If only all of our enemies were so stupid.


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