Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Peaceful Huffington Poster

Another quick profile today of a user sent to us by a reader. His name is KodiakT and he wants to kill Israelis. Here are some of his comments that would seem to back this up:

"i will advocate the killing of EVERY Israeli filth, young and old they all deserve to die until they agree to leave.”

“Too bad they were not shot, only good Israeli is a dead Israeli.”

"The IDF and Israel will be eliminated and if somebody wants to give me the money to go kill a bunch of them, i'll be on the next flight over. - No joke, i would GLADLY take up arms against Israel. They are a terrorist state. FACT.”

“They are all living in land that they stole, they deserved to die for not leaving.”

Interesting kind of people the Huffington Post attracts, don't you think? And as always, Huffington Post approved.


  1. Thanks for printing this. This is the type of person that needs to be reported, and not just to HuffPo.

    The comment where he asks for money,
    "to go kill a bunch of them", must be taken seriously.
    While he might very well be just another keyboard jihadist, does anyone really want to take that chance? Does anyone know what this sicko might possibly be capable of?

    I would urge all to report this to authorities.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I actually attempted that when we first started monitoring the Huffington Post and finding threads like that. The police told me that unless there's a *specific* threat against a *specific* person or institution, there's nothing they can do about it. They can't use resources tracking down everybody who spouts off about killing XYZ minority group on the Internet.

      As disturbing as it is, it also makes sense. I find it far more informative that this is the kind of mind the Huffington Post attracts.

    2. Keep that guy dog-eared. Sooner or later he'll try to murder some Jews. Then dump your info on Foxnews (the only cable news that would even look at it) so they can broadcast it.

  2. You know, at times like this, one must pose the question aired so frequently by your fellow Watchers at "HuffWatch":
    Didn't Arianna Huffington promise us "complete", Human pre-moderation, of all comments?
    If so, what are to make of this policy of allowing posts inciting murder?(Israelis and Jews, I know, are a cheap currency for the HP)
    Seems, in this case, A. Huffington, and her crew are personally responsible.

  3. @Zach, I understand what you're saying about the threat being more specific. However, there must be some Jewish organization that would want to know about this, and try to find out who this guy is. He does give quite a bit of information about himself throughout his posts.
    I also remember someone being mentioned, I think on Huff-Watch, *but I could be wrong*, where he was threatening people and ended up getting visited by the FBI. Surprise, Surprise, he came back to HuffPo with another name, and posted about his FBI visit and laughed about it. How disturbing and sad is that.
    HuffPo has to somehow be held responsible for this. *Even if* the comments slipped through moderation, (wink wink), they have been repeatedly flagged, yet still remain, 2 1/2 days later.

    I find this troubling, to say the least, and depressing. Do you know of any Jewish Org. that handles things like this? The guy is calling for donations to go to Israel and "kill a bunch of them". I highly doubt he is fooling. Reading through his posts, he is clearly disturbed, and sick.

  4. Attempted posts on H.P. that will likely be blocked by H.P.moderators:

    1. Stating factual information proving Palestinians were the aggressors in a past massacres, fighting not the innocent victims.
    2. Expressing realities about Anti Semitism expressed in Qu'ran or Hadith,Sira.
    3. Stating how Arab Palestinian lands were dispossessed by their own local people, the Bedouins prior to WW1.
    4. Pointing out H.P. anti Israel/ anti Zionist bias headlines, bloggers, staff writers.

    Compare and contrast to posts like KodiakT.


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