Monday, August 20, 2012

Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day

Just another example of how criticism of Israel quickly turns anti-Semitic:

I wonder what happened to the criticism of "Zionism" there.

BTW, this comment was in response to a comment by loyal reader Tony Andrews, and while Andrews responded half a dozen times to other responses to his comment, he didn't respond to this one. Enlightening, no?

The original link.

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  1. Again, there's little point in trying to understand hate speech, insanity and antisemitism. All you can do is email them in bulk to the board members of AOL which owns HP so they're clear what's being said in the name of their company on their watch. If they're ok with it, fine. The next step of course would be to publish those bulk mailings and THEIR names somewhere so everyone's clear who's standing for what. Fox News maybe?


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