Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Biased Headline Leads To Rage (Part 3)

The pattern of biased Huffington Post headline continues with a relatively old story with a majorly biased headline. Check this out:

Now I am not an insane-when-it-comes-to-Israel Huffignton Post reader, and even I thought that this story was about the grouchy Muppet indoctrinating Israelis for war with Iran. That is until I actually read the article.

The truth is that Moishe Oofnik from "Shalom Sesame" is part of a series of public service announcements about how to protect yourself should Israel be at war with Iran. For example, it informs the readership that they will have between thirty seconds and three minutes to get to a bomb shelter after the alarm goes off. That's the kind of thing that it's talking about. It's kind of like this:

But because this is the Huffington Post, nobody bothered to read the article and jumped to the exact conclusion that the editors wanted them to, that Israel was somehow indoctrinating its readership to hate Iranians and using an innocent Muppet to do it! Here are some of the many examples:

Who cares about the truth? As always, the Huffington Posters only see what they want to see, and their masters on the HP staff are happy to give it to them.

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