Friday, August 3, 2012

Brent Sasley Dashes Off a Quick Lie

HP blogger Brent Sasley has written a lot about Israel for the Huffington Post in the past few years, mostly generic "balanced" articles that are just slightly less partisan attacks on Israel. In his most recent article, he responds to Mitt Romney's "cultural" comments through the lens of responding to a NYTimes op-ed.

The whole article itself is basically just a list of all the ways the poor suffering Palestinians are suffering, which we've all heard before. But, of course, Sasley (like most Palestinian proponents) finds that the truth is not quite anti-Israel enough and throws a blatant lie in:
"Similarly, Israel controls all of the borders of the Palestinian areas. Israeli management of Gaza's borders is well known, but Israel is the sovereign power on the West Bank side of the border with Jordan as well (which falls in Area C)."
If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: Egypt controls Gaza's southern border, not Israel. And especially with the new Islamist government in power, no one can make the case that Israel directly controls all of Gaza's borders. Sasley is simply lying.

This is especially ironic in light of the beginning of the article:=
"This assessment [of Romney's] is representative of the right in the United States (the right in Israel is more aware of the facts). The problem is that it's simply not an accurate representation of reality: by any material criteria, Israel and the Israeli military control much of what goes on in the West Bank." 
Maybe Romney's comments weren't "an accurate representation of reality" but neither are Sasley's.

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