Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Darya Shaikh's Hypocritical Moralizing

In a trend that I think we are going to see far into the future, the Huffington Post weighs in upon "Jewish values" and the Arab-Israeli conflict, something that has never happened with the other side of the firing line. This time they have called up Darya Shaikh, who last wrote for the Huffington Post in 2010, to wring her hands over those evil evil Israelis.

As is typical for the Huffington Post, Ms. Shaikh starts with a legitimate concern and then blows it out of proportion. There have been two attacks on unarmed Palestinians, one that was definitely by Israelis and another that has yet been unsolved (though Ms. Shaikh declares the perps to be "settlers" without evidence). Although it has been dominating the Israeli press for days, the Huffington Post hasn't covered it yet, for some reason. Anyway, listen while Ms. Shaikh goes for an Oscar:
"This made me want to scream at the top of my lungs, "These are not my Jewish values!"'
Yeah? No shit. Neither is it the Jewish values of 99.99% of Jews. That's why it's called "criminal activity," Ms. Shaikh. Wow, you don't think that beating up unarmed people is a good thing? Hooray, what a hero! Clearly you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize!

But no, apparently Ms. Shaikh thinks that she is the only Jewish person on the entire planet who thinks that this was bad, and so continues to engage in absurd self-flagellating and castigation of the Jewish people as a whole:
"True or not, every self-identifying Jew must recognize that when these kinds of vitriolic, hateful actions are perpetrated in the name of Jewish values -- by those who claim superiority and entitlement over others -- we not only fuel the growing tide of global anti-Semitism, we render ourselves completely unworthy of the title "the chosen people.""
First of all, does she actually know what "the chosen people" means? I mean, the whole article is built upon her being Jewish and having a background in Jewish beliefs so you'd think she would know. "The chosen people" is not a title, nor do most Jews even use it any more. It's actually a little strange that she seems to be taking on the perspective of "chosenness" not from that of actual Jewish people, but from critics of Jewish people. But I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

I think the odiousness of desire to blame anti-Semitism on Jewish people (and therefore defend it) speaks for herself. No other people on the planet are expected to criticize anything their coreligionists do or else it would be "okay" for them to be hated for who they are. Can you imagine someone on the Huffington Post writing an article saying that if all Muslims in America don't criticize this story from Pakistan, they are somehow diminished as people and it would be okay to hate them? I hardly think that would be considered acceptable. But apparently it is okay to judge all Jews and all Israelis, as we shall now see (emphasis mine):
"If this is the future of the so-called Jewish State, then I say no, thank you....We cannot turn a blind eye to these events. They may be exceptional at the moment, but if the Israeli public chooses to sit silently by and allow these actions to be taken in their name, then they are all guilty by association."
Wow. Can you imagine if any other group was labeled "guilty by association" for what less than ten of their members did? Oh wait, I can: it's called bigotry. The Israelis should criticize the people who committed these crimes because it's the right thing to do. Not because it will satisfy people like Ms. Shaikh who sit in their ivory towers and tut-tut down at everyone else. This is what we call "Jew washing," making it all about the Jews and holding them to a different standard than anyone else.

Do you think Ms. Shaikh will say that all Palestinians are guilty by association  because of this? The closest we have is this:
"When a Palestinian act of terror has been committed, we all rightly demand condemnation. Why is this situation any different?" 
We do? Because you haven't written anything on the Huffington Post in two years, and the last thing you published was about negotiations. You were silent on the Fogels, silent on the rockets, silent on the Bulgaria bombing, silent on just about everything actually. And by the way, this situation is different. The difference between crime and terrorism is a stark one, I suggest the author figure it out.

Oh, and by the way, the Israelis have condemned this. Just look here:
 "Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sharply condemned the attack on the Arab youths, adding that the country’s abhorrence to such acts – as witnessed by the way the country’s leaders and others have strongly come out against it – sets Israel apart from other countries in its neighborhood."
And here:
 "Vice Premier Moshe Ya'alon Sunday described two violent attacks against Arabs ​​over the weekend in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem as "hate crimes" and "terrorist acts." He called the attacks "totally unacceptable and outrageous" and ascribed their incidence to a moral and educational failure that goes against Jewish ethics and values."
And here:
"What happened in Jerusalem is a grave failure, highlighted by the fact that the kids who were involved don't even regret their acts," President Shimon Peres said on Wednesday, referring to the attempted lynching of an Arab man perpetrated by Jewish teens in Jerusalem's Zion Square over the weekend." 
Oh, and let's not forget that the perpetrators were arrested either.

But apparently Ms. Shaikh doesn't bother to read the papers, because Netanyahu and Ayalon made their statements a whole three days before she wrote this:
"If the political leadership does not stand up to condemn them, then they are not worthy of being called leaders. Let the people stand up and show what real Jewish values are made of!"
So yes. Short on facts, high on hypocrisy, bigotry, and finger-wagging. What else have we come to expect from the Huffington Post?

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  1. She is an obvious stooge for the leftist/Islamic alliance. Her arguments try to parallel arguments for defending against Islamic critics, who either criticize the culture or the religion. HP has become so obvious for their antiIsrael/AntiSemitic proMuslim propaganda establishment.


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