Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How the HuffPo Spins a Story

The Huffington Post is always on the lookout for tales of the poor suffering Palestinian victims, so they'll take whatever they can get, even if they have to spin like heck to do so. Here's one recent example:

Naturally, even though there was no proof of who did it, the Huffington Posters were quick to freak out about "Zionists terrorists." This stands in stark contrast with the Itamar Massacre and the Bulgaria bombing, in which they all insisted that we "wait for evidence" before drawing any conclusions. And even then, some still refuse to believe.

But that isn't even the most egregious part. This is the most egregious part:
"Extremist Israeli settlers often attack Palestinians and their property as part of a campaign they call the "price tag," which is meant to retaliate for either army action against settlers or Palestinian attacks. Several more firebombs were hurled earlier Thursday toward settler vehicles in the West Bank."
So first of all, what does "price tagging" have to do with this story? Seeing as how there is no evidence that settlers were involved, why bring it up? And most importantly: settlers were attacked first on that day, yet this doesn't get the coverage on the Huffington Post. As usual, Palestinians start the violence, Israelis (maybe) respond, and it is the response that gets the screaming Huffington Post headline.

This is how the Huffington Post readership manage to convince themselves that Palestinians are, and always have been, the victims.

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