Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HP Blogger Spews Lies and Hate

The Huffington Post covered the news of the verdict for the Rachel Corrie lawsuit, in which Israel's military was found not at fault for her death. Naturally, this led to hundreds of hate spewing and whiny comments, most of which are not worth our time. Anytime an HP blogger weighs in, though, we take notice, and this time was especially disturbing.

Rachman starts with the classic fallacy of "the Palestinians take more casualties, so they must be the victims". I'll say what I always say, look at American vs. Japanese casualties during WWII and you would think the Japanese were the poor innocent victims. They weren't, and neither are the Palestinians.

Next, Rachman starts whining about foreign aid. Why? Corrie's death has nothing to do with foreign aid. But when you're an Israel hater and start spewing talking points, it's pretty much impossible to stop. As for her actual statement "much" is a pretty generic word, but U.S. aid to Israel is about a quarter of the amount of aid to Afghanistan, and that country is one of the worst on Earth. 

Rachman then follows up with accusing Israel of "wars of aggression," a term every leftist knows and loves. Never mind that Israel has been suffering rocket attacks for years now, if Israel attacks Gaza, it's a full on U.S. funded "war of aggression."

And lastly, because it's the Huffington Post and such ideas are not only allowed but encouraged, Rachman spreads the anti-Semitic myth of the Zionist-Occupied Government when she "wonders why" US Middle East policy always benefits Israel (at the U.S.'s expense, of course).

Lies, hate, and anti-Semitism. Sounds about average coming from an HP blogger.

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