Thursday, August 30, 2012

HPW: Gaza Won't Be Liveable

In it's never ending quest to keep the attention of the world on the poor suffering Palestinians, the UN published a report that declares Gaza "won't be livable" by 2020. Even though Gaza enjoys some of the highest literacy rates, infant mortality rates, and life expectancies in the Middle East, apparently by 2020 that will all be gone.

This thread actually wasn't too bad. A lot of the posters agreed that Gaza's situation is the fault of Hamas and the people who live there, which is a refreshing change of pace. However, there were the typical Israel haters on the thread too, and their reactions ranged from blaming Israel for Gaza (reasonable) to screaming about Zionism being racism (hateful and off topic) to bringing up the Holocaust. Let's take a look:

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  1. I rarely disagree with the HPM posts, but can't let the idea that blaming Israel for Gaza is reasonable pass without saying that's an emotional idea unsupported by facts. Gazans wanted a Jew-free Gaza, which they got in 2005, and wanted to be ruled 100% by Hamas and not by the corrupt PA, which they got in 2007. Problem is, in an interconnected area of an interconnected world, Hamas decided they would demand everything from Israel and give nothing. That, in tandem with the terrorist group's complete incompetence at doing anything other than murdering Jews or their political opponents, is why Gaza's situation sucks. Just another case of the zero-sum mindset screwing over innocent people and making things much worse. And the zero-sum people on Gaza? Aren't Israeli.


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